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    Busy Ladies

    Busy Ladies

    Follow along as we discuss Women's issues and life.

    Discussions on Women's issues and life from a personal and unique perspective. Busy Ladies takes on a unique view points with health, cooking, family and and daily life.

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  • 24 - Jack Is Back

    24 – Jack Is Back

    Live Another Day

    Podcast on the return of Fox TV show 24.
  • Intro to Indie Artists - Rock

    Intro to Indie Artists – Rock

    New rock indie artist songs that deserve to be heard.

    New artists programs in 5, 3, and 2 song lengths. Purchase any song at
  • The Jay Cole Show

    The Jay Cole Show

    Come waste some time with us!

    We interview interesting folks from the entertainment industry. Guests range from actors, authors, musicians, dj's to comedians and many other interesting people. We get into deep introspective conversations that are guaranteed to entertain